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Mojo Foundation

Mojo Foundation – $1500/month

Mojo Foundation is designed to give your website the necessary backlink foundation to start ranking on Google.

We will craft a link-building strategy to help your website get off the ground with relevant link placements. This strategy will create a natural link profile that is topically relevant to your articles.

All guest posts are manually vetted for publishing. You will start to gain authority, visibility, and traffic.

Mojo Foundation is perfect for those getting serious about SEO. If you want to establish a real online presence for the first time, get Mojo Foundation.

Included in the package:

– 5-10 relevant guest posts
– 1k+ traffic 
– DR 25+

Note: You will get FREE anchor text suggestions if you don’t have an anchor strategy.

Mojo Powerhouse

Mojo Powerhouse – $2500/month

Mojo Powerhouse is a step up from Mojo Foundation to give you an extra shot of that sweet Mojo Link juice.

Perfect for larger websites with more pages (or products in e-commerce stores) looking to get more organic leads and sales. With Mojo Powerhouse, we add niche edits to the mix. These link insertions will be placed on existing posts that we manually vet for quality and relevance.

Mojo Powerhouse gives at least one guaranteed press release on some of the largest websites in the world, such as,, yahoo, etc. We hand-write press releases according to the latest global PR standards.

Mojo Powerhouse is great for business owners with a clear vision wanting to skip the slow lane and get on the fast lane of SEO.

Included in the package:

– FREE content for all articles
– 10-20 relevant guest posts
– 3-10 niche edits
– 1-2 press releases
– 2-5k+ traffic
– DR 35+ to 55+

Mojo Serp Stack

Mojo Serp Stack – $4000/month

Mojo Serp Stack is popular among agencies and established websites. It’s designed for seasoned webmasters and marketing professionals who want to get ahead of the competition without compromise.

This Serp Stack features placements on media websites with very high traffic (up to 1M+) and high DR (45-65+) that will increase the value of your website over time.

Mojo Serp Stack gives your website serious MOJO with a highly diversified backlink profile. Your website will get links from guest posts, manually selected niche edits, custom press releases, and Mojo Links (custom links just for you).

With stacking so many entities on top of each other, Mojo Serp Stack is the fast-track to success in SEO. It is ideal for those who want to see significant results quickly.

To know the Mojo, you must cross to the other side.

Included in the package:

– FREE content for all articles
– 20-40 relevant guest posts
– 5-15 niche edits
– 3-5 press releases
– 5k-1M+ traffic
– DR 45+ to 65+
– FREE Mojo Links

Mojo Authority

Mojo Authority – $6000/month

The Mojo Authority is our top-tier SEO link-building package, meticulously crafted for business owners who want to dominate their market.

Mojo Authority is a bundle of backlinks on high-traffic websites (up to 2M+) with high DR (60-90+) and a natural mix of links from quality and relevant websites.

Perfect for those who don’t want to wait in line and want to see their website at the top of the search engine rankings instantly.

Mojo Authority gives your website the highest form of MOJO with the most authoritative backlink profile.

Your website will get links from guest posts, manually crafted niche edits, custom press releases, and even more Mojo Links (custom links with even more extras).

With the Mojo Authority package, your website will gain maximum link juice and establish a dominant online presence in your industry, creating an avalanche of link connections.

To achieve the Ultimate Mojo Authority, we will build a varied link profile across multiple tiers and references, featuring real manual user entries and authority stacks.

Included in the package:

– FREE content for all articles
– 40-80 relevant guest posts
– 15-30 niche edits
– 5-10 press releases
– 7k-2M+ traffic
– DR 55+ to 90+
– FREE Mojo Links

Keyword Rankings Increase In The Finance Niche

Mojo Links Results

Domain Rating Increase In Health Niche

Domain Rating Increase

Traffic And Keywords Increase In The Sports Niche

Traffic and keywords increase

Check out our SEO Case Studies.

Since 2019, we have been serving our clients with high-quality niche edits on websites with REAL traffic.

All this in lightning-fast delivery time.

We cover our footprints well. That is why our portfolio of websites is hidden behind closed doors. The reasons for this are simple,

  • Avoid Google algorithm penalties
  • Jeopardize our publishers

We build lasting relationships with publishers, agencies, solopreneurs, SEOs, celebrities, and business website owners.

This results in our dedication to providing highly relevant niche edits and link insertions where they truly belong.

Our extensive knowledge allows us to pick the absolute best Mojo Links possible.

  1. You provide your topics/keywords/anchor text 
  2. You provide your target URLs
  3. You submit your article (if ready), or we will write it for you
  4. You approve the content and anchor text
  5. We create a guest post on a website based on your requirements (package)
  6. We acquire a backlink from that website
  7. You get a backlink report each month

These links are the crème de la crème of all links. 

They will be placed on websites already gaining authority within Google’s index.

At Mojo Links, we don’t just sell link-building services; we’re invested in your success. 

We are truly passionate about helping businesses like yours achieve their goals.

We’re confident that you will enjoy the sweet link juice from Mojo Links.